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25 Alfred Street
Biddeford, Maine 04005


suger is the sweet home of angelrox and a fine boutique. filled with a charming array of beautifully crafted designer treats, gifts and good cheer.  



The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service.

henry wadsworth longfellow



Sea change yoga is an organization that brings the powerful benefits of yoga to people who don’t have access or the means. we are so excited to support their beautiful community with a donation of $1,500.


at the heart of it all

in our hometown, biddeford maine, we have a community based organization that helps businesses, residents and the city identify and accomplish goals. we have an especially amazing group lead by a particularly amazing angel. We are so proud to support the Heart of Biddeford Each year and are happy to have already contributed $2,500 to HOB!

Supporting Public Schools


When our son mentioned doing a charity give back for PI day we were positive we wanted to do it! on march fourteenth (3.14) we celebrated science, technology engineering and math the coziest way possible with angels and soft layers. our give back to the community was 2xPI and we donated $628.30 to Biddeford’S stem program and another $628.30 to portland’s longfellow elementary school.

The Center for Grieving Children

Serving thousands for children, teens + families, the center is a place of hope. We are inspired by the volunteers who donate their time and love to help rekindle hope at the darkest times. Our first donation was $1,000 to the center.

Seeds of hope

Each year as the first snow settles and cold creeps in, finding hope can be especially difficult. Warmth and light shine brightest in the hearts of those who are dedicated to giving. We’re inspired by you and your generous hearts. We’re happy to share $1,000 with the seeds of hope and $500 for stone soup food pantry


Our hearts are full of gratitude for all the sweet souls that serve. The Maine veterans project is dedicated to serving Maine's veterans and fighting against veteran suicide in every way possible. Suger customers helped raise $370 on veteran's day.


Education Foundation

Biddeford's Public Middle School is the first in the county to add a STEM program to help match accelerated students with special programs in Science, Engineering, Technology + Math. We're proud to support the great staff and leadership with a $2,000 contribution to the program. 


biddeford's beautiful river and waterfalls are one of the town's defining features and it was the power of the falls that drew the early industrialists to this area. The annual Riverjam festival is a collaboration between neighboring cities to bring music, families and festivities to the river and we were proud to support it with a $500 contribution

harvesting hope

The 3rd annual biddeford ball was held on factory island in Saco Mill #4 and gave the communities a last glimpse of the open mill and a chance to dance together to help end hunger in maine. It featured a new york style runway show and we were able to raise $22,500 for local food pantries and the Good Shepard's Harvest for Hope program.

downtown beautification

Beyond beautiful architecture and its proximity to beaches, the river and countryside only a few minutes away, the work of the Heart Of Biddeford made us feel as though town had potential and opportunity. HOB works to make the downtown more attractive, spreads the word and works with the city to build pride and potential. We are honored to support this largely volunteer organization as a gold sponsor in FY'17 with a donation of $2,500.

saco main street

although there are two cities on either side of the saco river we have always been one. today we work together with the same spirit and aims. ours is a community that supports one another and celebrates our daily blessings. under a great blue sky, at the edge of the vast ocean, we leave tiny footprints which will wash away with the tides. together we can leave an indelible mark and build institutions celebrated far and wide. join us in supporting Saco Main Street. our contribution begins with $620.

food for all

as we embrace the many people who bring us daily joy in our lives our hearts our thoughts linger on those who must look past their struggles to smile. hungry tummies and wounded hearts we hope warmed by the willingness of others to share and support. it is your support and love that transforms. saco and biddeford maine stand on either side of the river proud citizens in it together. thank you for your portion of our december contributions of $1000 to Saco Food Pantry and $1000 to Biddeford Food Pantry.

soup for the soul

within the shadow of the mills hangs a small sign for the Stone Soup Food Pantry. in one of our son's favorite books an outcast wanders through the crag looking for a place to call home. stone soup is all she has to eat. as the cold november winds crept in we wanted to warm the hearts of the wanderers and contributed $850 to put something nourishing in their bowls and souls. 

lighting up our towns

on october 3rd the second annual biddeford ball celebrated the mills, the river and the proud heritage of the people who have made this community survive for 325 years. the masquerade ball was an example of what can be achieved when a community comes together on common ground. the results of the event exceeded our wildest expectations. thank you to the sponsors, attendees and organizers who helped make this event such a success. we achieved our most visible goal of lighting the iconic smoke stack at in the heart of our community dedicating $10,030 towards that end. in addition we were able to contribute $7,863 to the Heart of Biddeford and $6,317 to the Biddeford Mills Museum


restoring our waters

In the midst of our community is a strong river that cascades over falls just outside the door to our mill. within its depths are sturgeon and salmon, but they need heroes to protect them. the saco river salmon restoration alliance & hatchery has been monitoring and maintaining the habitat of the Atlantic Salmon, Alewife and Shad since 1983 and has constructed 2 hatcheries and cleared numerous pathways for their run. we value this strong river and the life below and contributed $800 to help them seed life in the riverbanks in september.

public library

the mcarthur public library was formed in 1863 and found its current home on main street in biddeford in 1902. its at the top of our son's list of places he likes to go downtown and we were thrilled to contribute $1,225

city theater

the city theater, biddeford's historic opera house, celebrates its 120th year in 2016 and suger is proud to help sponsor their gala and their program with our 2016 contribution of $1,550.

hope and joy

helping spread joy and hope with natlia's endless love - june $670 

feeding families

every memorial day weekend our family plants our veggies and tomatoes. its a tradition that reminds us of how quickly the world transforms from cold and barren to bountiful and beautiful. in may, with your help, $630 will feed the families of the Seeds of Hope Community Center for a week!


helping young mothers

biddeford has long had a tradition of providing care for young women. from the early mill workers that came from the countryside to the young ladies at saint andre there has been a commitment to caring that has spanned generations. a new organization dedicated to providing guidance and counseling recently opened in the downtown and they are providing a new hope for young mothers. our april contribution of $690 is in honor of all the wonderful women who have found new hope here in biddeford.


historic preservation

by the sea is a small one room church that was built over one hundred and fifty years ago. this peaceful place has had a presence in our lives and in the greater community that words can do little to describe. the members of the church set out to create a fund to preserve this building for generations to come. our small contribution to this goal in march was $700. visit union church some day if you have a chance - its a magical place!

health + wellness

the bicycle coalition of maine is helping to transform lives and hearts and we are thrilled to support them. our february charity contribution was $500! we encourage you to join this june 7th for the maine women's ride in freeport.

saving mustangs

the ever after mustang rescue saves unwanted and wild horses and has spent the past year fundraising for their new barn and a sweet angel offered matching funds to help them realize their goal. we were thrilled to contribute $700 in January and hope you will too at

stone soup food pantry


december reminds us how wonderful it is to give and with your wonderful help we were able to contribute $2,000 to the Stone Soup Food Pantry. with your wonderful warmth and the amazing success of the biddeford ball we have been able to put nearly twenty eight thousand dollars into the community! thank you so much for all your sweet support.

heart of biddeford

one of the most important and inspiring groups in the area is the Heart of Biddeford. they helped connect us with our spaces downtown and fill it with life and vibrancy year round. we wanted to make a big contribution and grouped october and november so as to donate $1,400 toward their work.

sensory garden for children

in the center of the biddeford primary school a magical place being created. this secret garden will excite the senses and provide respite for weary teachers. we are proud to have contributed $760 to the Sensory Garden in the heart of the Biddeford Primary School.

arts + community

the biddeford ball originated with the goal of making an immediate and visible impact in the continued transformation of downtown biddeford maine. amazing angels came together to sponsor, create, entertain and support this event. their contributions helped to raise $19,471 to re-invest in the community. $5,000 was given to local food pantries, meals programs and food banks. the remaining $14,471 will hopefully soon be used to improve the facade of the marble block building right here on main street. thank you so much all you angels who helped and attended the ball. we can't wait to see you again in 2015.


seed funding neighbors

our new neighbor and old friends at Biscuits & Co. needed some help getting up and running and we couldn't resist the chance to become founders. we were proud to contribute $1000 towards their kitchen from which we are excited to eat many many biscuits and other yummies. 

restoration + fascination

the architecture of this historic lighthouse is astounding with cantilevered rock slabs spiraling up to majestic views of the Atlantic Ocean

Wood Island is an uninhabited island sitting at the mouth of the Saco River just off the coast of Biddeford, Maine   the island is the nesting site for hundreds of seagulls and other birds The Audubon Society manages 30 acres as a sanctuary 

the Friends of Wood Island Lighthouse, all volunteers, have assumed responsibility for its restoration and use under a license granted by the U.S. Coast Guard as with all that do good they need help & volunteers for the effort. our contribution was $660.

downtown improvements + preservation

the lincoln mill clock tower was on the eve of destruction. but through the efforts of local citizens, businesses and endowments we have been able to raise enough money to relocate the tower! our contribution was $1,250.

preserving history

established in 1939, the trolley museum in Kennebunk is one of the oldest transportation museums in the USA our sweet son loves going there as do we to enjoy the rich history of train, bus & trolley designs and the gorgeous textures

donations to the Trolley Museum will help insure its preservation - our march contribution was $450 dollars - learn more at


inspiring children

Biddeford lost a key provider when Joyful Harvest closed in the deep winter. We wanted to help one of the groups stepping in to fill the void downtown. The Acorn Club is providing a place for kids to have fun and an important resource to working parents. In February, due to your help, we were able to raise over $350 dollars for the Acorn Club. Thank you sweet angels for helping support the beautiful children of biddeford!

A brief portrait of Mona Jerome, director of Ever After Mustang Rescue in Biddeford ME.

supporting animals

The Ever After Mustang Rescue is trying to build a new barn and we were thrilled to help. Please take a few minutes to view their video - itis a touching portrait and worth the time!

 In January we were so thrilled to donate $500. Only $35 dollars will pay for a square foot of the new barn and you can donate directly to help the fund and learn more at


feeding the community

With your wonderful support we were able to raise $1,600 for local food pantries. Your contribution went to the Stone Soup Food Pantry, Seeds of Hope and Friends of Community Action Food Pantry

visit  to learn more about this amazing place

visit to learn more about this amazing place

for the arts - engine

Biddeford's creative Engine is working to restore the marble block, which we remember as the former home of Reny's on Main Street.  In November we were able to raise $670. This space promises to be something wonderful for the city and its children.